And trust me, it is the last place on Earth where would you like to hear somebody
I turned and there she was, with crocodile tears falling from her eyes,all of 25 years old.

Her head down between her knees.
She seemed broken, destroyed, and hopeless.

And If I could do anything I would run to her!

I would fight for her as a lion!

I would said to her that she is stronger than she knows.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
But who I am and what can I do against cancer by just holding a brush in my hand?
I will paint on this wall.
“Come on! It is just a few cells, but you can beat them!
You can do it!”
There doesn’t have to be my face.
Just a silent shared act of support.

When she picks her head up I will be gone, but a part of me will always be on the wall to
inspire her.

Maybe I will be on the other side of the world, but I will still be with her.
This strength which will keep us together is called HOPE.
And where the hope is, there also the TRUST.
And where the trust is…
…there we can heal EVERYTHING.

Who we are?


We are a group of young art enthusiasts, that have started an endowment fund with two main objectives.

Our first objective is focusing on helping children with serious diseases by painting in children’s medical departments and hospitals. In a place where children are forced to spend most of their time, we do our best to make to transform these empty walls into inspirational works of art.

Our second objective is to give young talented individuals the chance to travel and share their art around the world while helping others. In the process, they learn more about charities, grants and the responsibility and hard work it takes to make a charity to exist. Participants also receive the opportunity to improve their communication and organizational skills.

Together we are a terrific, hard working team of enthusiast that stand for hope, art, hard work and making the world a better place. Our endowment fund which assists in mediation between young artists from around the world tends to focus specifically on pediatric oncology departments where we have already created numerous pieces of inspirational art.

What are we doing?

Our first and foremost objective, is to put smiles on others faces. We are an endowment foundation that supports the growth of young aspiring artists by partnering them with hospitals around the globe.

These artists, along side resident hospital patients and their families are given the opportunity to work together and express themselves through art. By utilizing our resources, we select our most qualified artists to travel to hospitals in both Europe and the United States.

Jsme skupina mladých nadšenců do lásky rozdávat a šířit radost, která založila nadační fond dvojího účelu.