My name is Jirina and I work at a company in Trinec, at my company I work with logistical developing, In our foundation I am the chairman for the Board of Governors.

I control the activities of our board and also coordinate the right movement of it. I manage all meetings and am responsible for the fluid movement of the foundation.

Outside of the foundation I manage the minor Olympics every year for the children in our town. I have always enjoyed working with children, the same way I enjoy developing
organizational skills and public speaking.

I found that working for this foundation is very beneficial for me as well for other people, because I think it is very rewarding to have such a large role in a charity within our society. We are trying to do our best to make this world a better place, but to teach and instruct leadership to our future generations.

My biggest hobbies are tourism, cycling, jogging, walking with my dog, and other sport activities. However my favorite hobby is nature photography and I am pleased to say my art has been published in the famous Czech magazine “The Photo”.