Marie „Majis“


Just like any other normal day…
Just a common everyday lesson in life.
And the class full of us students, and in the front of all of us, God/Universe/Love/ as you want…
“In the beginning was the word”, said God as he rigorously lifted up to the sky with the forefinger of his right hand
“Ahem…Sorry.” Said somebody from behind.
“I would just like to say that this was humans first theories before began scientists their cognitive research.”
“OK than. There was a thought at first, after that there was the word.” Agreeing butseemingly annoyed.
“Ahem sorry but I would like to disagree again. After the thought there was an idea, finally after the idea there became a word.”
God sternly rained his eyebrow and immediately replied with “Who the hell are you, woman?!”
I am Marie “Majis” Belanova, I am 24 years old and I like to do things a different way”.

In February 2017 I set up an endowment fund to support young artists and also the patients in hospitals across the whole world, and my hope for you is that this website will become an inspiration for you.

2005 was the first time that I worked with the Secondary Art School of Třinec, painting in the ICU department of Třinec’s hospital. With the feeling of fullness I started to realized that this was what I was put on this earth for, and that this is what I was going to devote my life to. To make children smile, because as you all surely know, laughter heals. As my life continued, my love for art grew stronger (6th primary school in Třinec, Sport’s hall of Primary school in Bystřice, Winery shop in Bystřice, Coaching office of Jana Czernekova, Restaurant Veranda pod Čantoryjí, Music studio Abbadon in Olomouc, Fitness centrum in Český Těšín, and many more) and also I was dreaming about a future where I could take what I had learned and pass it along to others, the paths of my life eventually led me to USA where planning began for “Colours for life”.

First, burnt by motivation I thought I could handle anything on my own, but along the way I discovered that I could pursue my dreams and share art and dreams with other young artists.

Now we are coming to you with an invitation. And at least it is the thought to give the “art” a thought of personal support and growth so we can offer the art one more ingredient, life.

In spring 2017 with our own funds, we saved money to send me and my team to the American state of Connecticut to over see the start up of the organization which took place in Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. We are now able to estimate all the costs for conducting a project such as this, and are constructing the “backbone” of the entire program.

I am now the president of this foundation. I care about the correct movement of the entire organization, with the assistance of other employees, we complete the day’s tasks and
duties, and I mostly communicate with partnership organizations and corporations. I take charge of research of donations and grants.

My hobbies consist of my passion for art and work, I read, ride horses, hike, travel and paint.

And why do I enjoy it? I enjoy the challenge. Working with people, the skills to organize them, the time scheduling, I go to work every day knowing that I am going to help somebody. This is also the reason why I am not trying to walk but rather to run.
Finally I would like to say “Thank you!” to all of the members of our foundation, they are the best people in my life, for their great work, and the respect and trust they have in me, I couldn’t be here without each and every one of them.

I would also like to say “Than you so much!” to my Alchemist, that person who had believed in me in that moments when I had no strength to even believe in myself. Thank you all. You persuade me to drive further and harder everyday I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!